Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bandung - Day 2

Our day continue with shopping again....

We wake up as early as 6am in order to get ready to serang
the factory outlet again.
Rumah Mode...here we are..

We were there 10mins before the door open. There were also
a few other groups who have reached there much earlier than
us. The place will get very very crowded if you come a bit late.
Rumah Mode is one of the famous factory outlet in Bandung.
It's a huge bungalow converted to a factory outlet and they have
cafe selling all kinds of local food. So for those who have finished
their shopping, they can sit in the cafe while waiting for the others.
I didn't spend so much here coz the price is slightly higher than
other factory outlets which I can get something similar or nicer.
Ada la beli sikit2... We were there for almost half a day..
After shopping, we packed the snacks from the cafe as we
didn't want to waste time.

Then terus proceed to the next outlets : Secret, Heritage,
Cascade & Summit which is located along Jalan Dago.
I managed to find a lot of things that I wanted from Secret.
Dapatla a few pairs of jeans and some casual and office blouses.
Puas hati!! Cascade has a lot of nice dresses for girls so I grab
a few nice one for my two little girls.
So the whole day is really a good therapy for us...
The day ended up with a nice dinner again at the Sundanese
Restaurant called Karamba. We ordered a set menu again
and the food is excellent even it looks very simple. The aroma
from the rice which enhance the taste really make us wanted to
go for 2nd helping tapi malangnya nasi dah habis... We've been
told that they added some herbs and spices when cooking the
rice. That's why la sedap banget... Before we left place, the
waiter promoted their cookies which is one of their speciality.
It taste like "Kuih Bangkit" .. and it melts in your mouth.
So each of us bought 2 packs. ..a good sale for them !!!
Before going back to the hotel, Pak Zul drove us through
Paris Van Java to see how does the place looks like.
It's a huge shopping mall with a lots of cafe (looks like the
cafes at BintangWalk in KL).

We reached our hotel at 10pm and again we compared
each others shopping and terus pack in the luggage so that
we can agak2 how much more space we have for the final day
after shopping at Rumah Mode..very nice landscape..
Tahu Gejrot
Surabi (glutinous rice with choc filling and
sprinkle of cheese)
Sausage at Rumah Sosis next to The Secret..
Damn good!!!
They also sell frozen sausage for you to bring home
Heritage ( mid market brand )
Cascade ( up market brand )
Liwet Komplit Set... the rice taste
damn bloody good!!!
Some of the items on menu card
Cookies (taste like Kuih Bangkit)... recommended!!
Karamba - The Sundanese Restaurant
Paris Van Java
my shirts and jeans.... i likeeeeee!!!!!!!!

blouses for office wear.. suka...suka...

Thanks for visiting.... Have a great day...


aNIe said...

Lara...makanan tu buat akak terliur...

Banyak ke shopping ari tu...mesti rambang mata dibuatnya kan?

kay_leeda said...

Summit FO...ahhh lama tak ke sana!! Agree with you Rumah Mode can be a bit on the high side where price is concerned. U know we pernah jalan kaki from our hotel at Sukajadi to Rumah Mode. Punyer lah so, so into RT :D

Kak Elle said...

wow shopping sakan dia...hehehe
am yet to step on Indon mainland maybe one day.

Laracroft74 said...

Kak Anie,

bukan akak sorang yang terliur.. saya yang dah makan, balik tengok gambar pun teringat ingat lagi...sedap banget sihhh!!! shopping tu tak yah cakap la..sampai nk juling biji mata ni..hahaha...


gila betul sanggup jalan kaki dengan beg yang berbondong2 tu.. tak ada la kita nak berjalan kaki..kaki pun dah nak terpeleot... naik angkut pun sanggup.. kitaorang hari tu sampai pak supir geleng kepala.. beg shopping penuh sampai tutup view kat belakang.. first time dia bawak group shopping sampai tak ingat dunia...baru dia tauu...hahaha..

Kak Elle,

tolongla jalan ke Bandung one day... shopping memang best!!! kalau nk sightseeing boleh pergi tengok Volcano, Hot Spring, Kampung Daun... or else jalan ke Bali pun syok...kat sana boleh dapat banyak household items..

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Lara, just dropped by to wish you and family selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa dengan penuh tabah dan kesyukuran.
Best wishes, Lee.

Laracroft74 said...

Uncle lee,

Thanks for the wishes..
You tak care and have a pleasant week ahead..

Nong said...

Kalau pergi Bandung kena bawak duit banyak! The last time i went with my besan, dorang shopping sakan :)

Imran Paris said...

Lara...hope to visit Bandung 1 day soon...nampak mcm murahkan brg2 kat sana

Laracroft74 said...


Bandung is a shopping paradise..terlalu murah.. cheaper than the factory outlets in UK or US!! memang berbaloi shopping kat sana..makan pun best!!

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