Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bandung - Day 2

Our day continue with shopping again....

We wake up as early as 6am in order to get ready to serang
the factory outlet again.
Rumah Mode...here we are..

We were there 10mins before the door open. There were also
a few other groups who have reached there much earlier than
us. The place will get very very crowded if you come a bit late.
Rumah Mode is one of the famous factory outlet in Bandung.
It's a huge bungalow converted to a factory outlet and they have
cafe selling all kinds of local food. So for those who have finished
their shopping, they can sit in the cafe while waiting for the others.
I didn't spend so much here coz the price is slightly higher than
other factory outlets which I can get something similar or nicer.
Ada la beli sikit2... We were there for almost half a day..
After shopping, we packed the snacks from the cafe as we
didn't want to waste time.

Then terus proceed to the next outlets : Secret, Heritage,
Cascade & Summit which is located along Jalan Dago.
I managed to find a lot of things that I wanted from Secret.
Dapatla a few pairs of jeans and some casual and office blouses.
Puas hati!! Cascade has a lot of nice dresses for girls so I grab
a few nice one for my two little girls.
So the whole day is really a good therapy for us...
The day ended up with a nice dinner again at the Sundanese
Restaurant called Karamba. We ordered a set menu again
and the food is excellent even it looks very simple. The aroma
from the rice which enhance the taste really make us wanted to
go for 2nd helping tapi malangnya nasi dah habis... We've been
told that they added some herbs and spices when cooking the
rice. That's why la sedap banget... Before we left place, the
waiter promoted their cookies which is one of their speciality.
It taste like "Kuih Bangkit" .. and it melts in your mouth.
So each of us bought 2 packs. ..a good sale for them !!!
Before going back to the hotel, Pak Zul drove us through
Paris Van Java to see how does the place looks like.
It's a huge shopping mall with a lots of cafe (looks like the
cafes at BintangWalk in KL).

We reached our hotel at 10pm and again we compared
each others shopping and terus pack in the luggage so that
we can agak2 how much more space we have for the final day
after shopping at Rumah Mode..very nice landscape..
Tahu Gejrot
Surabi (glutinous rice with choc filling and
sprinkle of cheese)
Sausage at Rumah Sosis next to The Secret..
Damn good!!!
They also sell frozen sausage for you to bring home
Heritage ( mid market brand )
Cascade ( up market brand )
Liwet Komplit Set... the rice taste
damn bloody good!!!
Some of the items on menu card
Cookies (taste like Kuih Bangkit)... recommended!!
Karamba - The Sundanese Restaurant
Paris Van Java
my shirts and jeans.... i likeeeeee!!!!!!!!

blouses for office wear.. suka...suka...

Thanks for visiting.... Have a great day...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bandung - Day 1

I've been busy like a bee since I came back from my retail
therapy trip in Bandung. Cant even find time to write about
this exciting trip.. I left all the barang2 in the guest room and
finally, yesterday I managed to find time to keep all the stuff
and snap some pictures to share with everyone.

The "Rombongan Cik Kiah" arrived Bandung on Saturday,
25July at 10.30am local time. There are 6 of us in this trip.
We hired a van from the local agent and it costs us 400000 rupiah
(approx RM140) per day incl driver, petrol & parking. After c/in,
we didn't want to waste our time.. so terus ambush the Factory
Outlets in Jalan Dago. I was so excited until terlupa to take picture
but I could still remember the name - Grande, Blossom, DSA &
Happenings/Rich & Famous. These are the FOs we attacked on
the first day. The best part is baru first day shopping, our luggage
was almost half full. Everything looks very nice and cheap if
to compare with the original price. We finished our shopping
almost around 8.30pm until everyone were too tired sampai
dah tak ada energy nak jalan. Macam mana tak ada energy...
we had heavy breakfast just because nak skip lunch so that we
can have more time to do shopping.. Itu dia Cik Timah ...
when comes to shopping, makan pun boleh tolak tepi dulu..

We had dinner at Pak Chi Met Ikan Bakar in Sukajadi. Very nice
and cosy restaurant. All of us ordered the Ikan Bakar Gurami set
(Ikan Talapia). Since we have been starving ourselves for the
whole day, so habis the whole set sapu licin... The food was
exceptionally good especially the Ayam Penyet.
So the first day of our retail therapy session ended with this
lovely dinner and sampai hotel all of us sibuk checking each
others shopping.
What a relief and kind of wonderful feeling of having to do shopping for the whole day.. hahaha...

To all ladies out there I bet you guys have the same feeling when comes to shopping !!

some of Farhana's clothes..

Farisa is so happy to get her HM shirt..

love the colour and design...

sandals from Blossom

Ikan Gurame Bakar set

Ayam Penyet

Rombongan Cik Kiah in Pak Chi Met Rest

Friday, July 24, 2009

Macam macam...

Sorry for not updating on our recent trip to PD..
Frankly speaking, I had no mood to update after we
return home.. Why?

Hhmm... Farhana had chicken pox the day we were travelling
there. Spoilt my mood aje.. But thank god she didn't get any
fever and most of it spreads out on her back. Only one or two
on her face.. When we reached PD, the first thing we did
was to look for the Air Kelapa as it will help to clear the
chicken pox. Then when I went back to work, my Indian
colleague gave me a kind of leave to be used to rub on
the body if she feels itchy and also for her to sleep on it.
Sorry..I didnt know the name of the leaves.. We also brought
her to doctor and were given the calamine lotion plus
some medicines. Alhamdulillah... it has already dried up
and doesn't leave any obvious scar on her body..

Next, I have another drama with my cat..
Remember I took the 3 little kittens (Rona, Roni & Cheeky)
from my MIL's house a few months ago... They've grown up
so big... very hyper, running here and there like a monkey!!

Last Friday, little Roni had an accident. He was hit by a car
while crossing the road infront of our house. It was not so serius
but he had his hipbone dislocated and have to go for surgery
to fix the hipbone back in the socket. So he was admitted to
the clinic on that day itself. Very kesian to see him..

He was limping and can't walk properly. Ms Vet did the surgery
on Monday he was discharged on Wednesday. We were advised
that he has to be on a cage rest for a month. Poor Roni...
Everytime he sees me, he will meow meow at me like begging
to let him play outside with his siblings.. sorry my dear!!
You have to pantang inside the cage okay... Ms Vet supply us
with some antibiotic tablets and calcium syrup for his bone...
Rasa macam bagi anak I makan ubat pulak..hehehe...
Anyway I assigned bibik to do that job since he has to take the
medicines in the morning

In 2 weeks time we have to bring him back to Ms Vet to remove
the stitches and also to give the 3 of them the worms vaccine.

Clockwise from top : Rona, Roni, Cheeky.. the three of them
like to play and bite each others

the naughtiest one - Rona & Roni.. tried to climb the window
and they got stucked.. hehehe...I was laughing to see them!!


Roni a.k.a cheezycheekeroni - Ms Vet has to shave his fur
to do the surgery... suddenly he's so manja after he returns
home.. he needs attention la tu...

The only girl - Little Cheeky

I'll be away to Bandung for some retail therapy exercise tomorrow..
I'll share some interesting stuffs to shop, what to eat, where to go
once I'm back on Tuesday. This is actually my 2nd trip and we
already have a well planned itinerary plus a long list of factory
outlets and malls to visit... I'm soooo looking forward to
be the "jutawan" rupiah for a few days...yuhuuuuuu!!!!

Till then..Take care and have a good weekend everyone!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Under the Weather

I was not feeling well this morning. Check my body temperature
but it looks okay. Just feel a bit giddy. When I reached the office,
I can feel my head spinning..

I really can't concentrate on my work and decided to see doctor.
I was told that there is a temperature and low BP - 100/60..
no wonder I felt so giddy... It was about 10am and I was still fasting
but my colleagues forced me to break fast... dia orang cakap
otherwise the BP will go lower due to lack of sugar.. My boss
buatkan a cup of milo kaw kaw... and then I slept in the office sofa
until hubby came to send me home during lunch time.

Balik rumah I had a good rest. Tidur from 2 till 5.30pm and
that's why I'm not sleepy at all now..
Hope I'll be better tomorrow.. I need to drag myself to bed !!

Have a good day everyone!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

weekend getaway

yes!! the weekend is back again.. I've been counting days
since Monday.. don't know why lately feel very the malas
and tired.. (macam Kak Anie cakap, kena penyakit "M")..
hopefully this is for temporary and will swing back to
normal mode soon..

Tomorrow morning we'll be heading to PD for weekend
getaway. I'm longing for a short break...So for this 2 days
bolehla bermalas malasan... We'll be staying in T** Condo
located at Teluk Kemang. Been there a few times, very cosy
and nice place!! I can already imagine my two girls will be
running around in the condo area like a kuda belang.. from the
beach to pool and playground then back to beach again..
diaorang ni jumpa beach and pool memang excited..

I'm planning to cook Nasi Lemak with Sambal sotong kering.
Then pack like nasi lemak bungkus. We are going to ber'picnic'
by the beach... Can't wait to go.. My mind is aleady there...